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Nichole is the founder and CEO of The Salty Marshmallow. Her passion for cooking and baking began over a decade ago, and she specializes in easy recipes with big flavor that the whole family will love! Read more about Nichole here.

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  1. Suzy says

    5 stars
    Made this for the first time tonight and cut it into fourths because I planned to do personal pizzas. This worked out perfectly, I was able to get 4 approximately 6” pizzas from a batch. I used corn meal to help roll out without sticking. Everyone loved the crust, especially with the garlic butter on it. I didn’t use the garlic butter recipe from this recipe, I had some garlic butter leftover. Will definitely make this again, thank you!

  2. Kathryn says

    5 stars
    Really easy, and really good.

  3. Olivia says

    Can you bake the crust for five minutes

  4. Lisa Gregory says

    I used this recipe last night! It was perfect! This pizza dough was a hit at my housse!! Great taste!!!

  5. Baker Girl says

    This pizza tasted amazing! It made a lot, too!

  6. Natalie Ali says

    5 stars
    This is by far the best pizza dough recipe I've tried to date. Thank you Nichole for sharing your recipe. The kids loved it.

  7. Jeff McGuire says

    5 stars
    I made calzones out of this dough, and it turned out perfect. There was one fault, and it was mine, as I forgot to add freshly grated parm after the egg wash... mostly because I didn't have any. Oh well. I had just enough of a cheese blend I had for supper earlier this week to put inside, but that was it. Made eight, so I have enough for leftovers. Also, don't mind the Gravitar. I keep forgetting to change it

  8. Alisha says

    5 stars
    Not only is this a great crust for pizza but I have also cut it up and used it to make monkey bread! It’s fantastic!!!

  9. Russ says

    5 stars
    I will never have to buy pizza again! I'm 66, retired with lots of time to try new things. Woodworking is a great new pleasure but I've always done the cooking for my family. So when I'm not fixing or making things in my shop I spend my extra time trying new recipes.
    At first I was a bit intimidated by the thought of working with yeast. Feel the fear and do it anyway, right? So glad I gave this recipe a try. If you can read and follow simple instructions, you can do this. On my very first try I was able to make the absolute best pizza I've ever eaten! This pizza dough recipe tastes AWESOME! And then you just top it exactly the way you like. I will be making this again soon AND often. Thanks Nichole.

    • Olivia says

      Can you bake the crust for the pizza as indicated then assemble the pizza, put in the freezer and bake 8 hrs later for your company?
      Thank you

  10. Susan Fleming says

    5 stars
    This pizza crust is phenomenal. It is so easy, great texture and flavour. I especially enjoyed the fresh garlic. This will be my pizza crust of choice from now on. I can't wait until I can make it for my family!!! hopefully sooner than later. Be safe everyone.

  11. Jane Pickering says

    5 stars
    I made this wonderful recipe tonight....... What can I say......... It's a KEEPER! It turned out beautifully! Thanks for the Share!

  12. Summer says

    5 stars
    Thank you. Thank you. For this amazing recipe. I’ve always been so intimated by homemade pizza. This was so easy and beyond delicious. We’ve had pizza 4 times in the last 2 weeks using this recipe. So so good!!

  13. Linda Meashey says

    5 stars
    The best I have ever made. I only had quick rise yeast so the dough rose quickly and was quite thick. Made it again and divided the dough in half. Froze half. Each made a thin, crisp pizza. The best of the many recipes I have made.

    • Lisa says

      Can I make this dough and keep it in refrigerator for a couple hours then make the pizza?

  14. Ginger Walker says

    5 stars
    Simply amazing! Love it. My kids wanted a lighter hand tossed style pizza crust compared to the thick Chicago style I normally make. I chose this recipe for the high ratings and I am now retiring my own recipe , it is that good. I made the crust for the kids according to recipe and then, using my own knowledge of how pizza dough works , I let the second dough rise in a deep dish pan for about 20 min. Cooked it using the same amount out time and ...... It was amazing even for my Chicago. The kids said it was the best pizza they ever had and my husband said it was the best deep dish I have ever done. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jackie says

      I have made this dough once and it does taste amazing. Do you put the butter and garlic on the crust before adding the toppings? I hope to get an answer soon because I am trying this again tonight. Thank you

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